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The steering wheel is one of your vehicle’s most vital aspects because it controls the direction it goes in. It’s the component of a car a driver makes contact with the most. If you notice something unusual with your vehicle, you’ll likely notice even if the changes are subtle. Some drivers may choose to ignore steering wheel changes, missing signs of damage in some cases. If you catch any issues early enough, you can save your vehicle from long term damage and costly repairs. If you notice any of the below steering issues, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle to the automotive experts at Hondura.

The Steering Wheel Shakes

Several issues could cause the steering wheel to vibrate or shake, and none of them are good. For some vehicles, the tires may be misaligned or unbalanced. An alignment service can quickly correct this. However, in some cases, the wheel bearings, tie rods, or control arms may be worn. Worn parts will need to be removed and replaced for the steering wheel to regain efficient use.

The Steering Wheel is Hard to Turn

A power steering issue can suddenly make the steering wheel much harder to turn. Most vehicles have a working hydraulic system with power steering fluid that makes steering a car easy. If there is a power steering fluid leak, issues can arise, causing the steering wheel to be difficult to turn. The power steering system can also have worn parts such as a pulley becoming worn.

The Steering Wheel Pulls to the Side

If you’re driving on a smooth, straight road and your steering wheel pulls to one side or the other, this usually indicates that the wheels are misaligned. As you drive several thousand miles, your wheels can fall out of alignment over time. Hitting the curb, speed bumps, and potholes can speed the wear process. It’s essential to have this issue addressed, as ignoring the problem can have negative consequences. A steering wheel drifting to one side can be difficult to steer, and with one lapse of focus, it causes your car to veer into another lane or completely off the road.

The Steering Wheel is Loose

A loose steering wheel may be caused by a damaged tie rod or ball joints. Over time these parts can become worn. It’s essential to watch for signs of wear by inspecting your tires for uneven wear. Another significant sign is a clunking noise while driving at lower speeds. To prevent further damage, have your vehicle inspected right away.

Steering Wheel Inspection and Diagnosis in Oklahoma City, OK

The steering wheel is used during all drives. It’s essential to ensure it’s working in its best condition. If you have any concerns, reach out to us. We would be more than happy to help!