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Well after three places and prices that ranged from 280$-1800$, this is the only place I will go again! I was told the work would be 1200$ and took a bit of looking. The day I was coming in to pick up my car they called and said after going in with a camera they found a pencil had caused the blockage. They could have charged me the 1200$ and I wouldn’t have known a thing. They only charged 300$ and gave me (kind of) a 900$ Christmas present. Such honest and wonderful people. Please no other choices need to be made. Hondura is the place for the best and work with honest hardworking people. Thanks again!!!!
Posted By: Darla
I am a 64 year old man who has been taking Hondas to Johan's since just after he opened. Even though Johan has played an increasingly smaller role in the day to day running of the company for some time now, nothing has changed. Still prompt, honest, fair repairs. I especially like the way they tell you about everything they discover during their overall inspection of your car, but there is absolutely no pressure to have any of the repairs done at that time. In the contrary, they will let you know about how long you can put off a certain repair without harming your car's performance or reliability. I currently own a 2004 Honda Civic and will definitely continue to rely on Johan's to keep it running well. I would recommend Johan's to everyone!
Posted By: William Thigpen
Oklahoma City
Hondura has always been honest and efficient with me and my Honda. Once I even asked them to fix something and they told me it wasn't necessary! What kind of a mechanic turns down service?!?! That's when I knew I trusted them. Been going here since 2013, worry-free.
Posted By: Nick
Oklahoma City
My husband & I were looking for a good used Honda for our Daughters 1st car, Johan was our go to guy to tell us if a vehicle we were looking at, was mechanically sound, before our purchase. When that fell thru, Johan personally helped us locate a great little 2004 Honda Accord from someone he knew. Got us a great deal, serviced the vehicle, and got our Daughter safely out on the road. We know there will be no worries mechanically and that gives us peace of mind . Now! the new driver thing is a different story. :) I would recommend Johan's Hondura to anyone needing any type of repair on any make/model car. They treated me like family there. Customer service is outstanding! Thanks Hondura!
Laurie -Edmond, Ok
Edmond, Ok
Always very friendly, and knowledgeable about everything for both of our Hondo's. We could not be more happy with everyone there.
Posted By: Anna Ross
Always honest. Always find what is truly the problem. Always give owners the potential repairs and maintenance for future mileage. Do so at a fair price.
Posted By: Hill
Friendly, professional and competent service start to finish. They made a bad experience with car trouble not quite so bad. Quick turn around and a reasonable price. I will definitely bring my car back here for any future service. I highly recommend them!
Posted By: Gale Earles
Hondura has been wonderful for my 2008 Honda Pilot. I enjoy working with the staff there because they treat everyone kindly and try to help you understand what is going on with your car. One of the my favorite things is that they have photos of longtime customers on the wall who have hit crazy high mileage on their cars by keeping them serviced and repaired. I hope to be on that wall one day, but I am only at 184,000 miles right now! I hope to keep this one until 300,000, as it has been a great car. Hondura provides great service, and as a driver, you will have peace of mind that your car is operating well.
Posted By: David R
Oklahoma City
I have enjoyed excellent professional service for many years. Hondura keeps my 2000 Honda in great condition!
Posted By: Jeanne Fowler
This car repair place is genuinely one of the things I miss about Oklahoma City. They were my repair place for the couple of years that I lived there, and it's true that you don't know what you have until it's gone!
Posted By: Benjamin B.
I never, ever felt like I was being talked down to either because of my lack of experience with cars or because I am a woman. I hate that this even needs to be mentioned, but I have received that condescending, almost baby-talk tone from too many people at car repair places, and it was nice to not have to deal with this here. They were always friendly, respectful, and knowledgeable.

To make a long story short: I'd recommend this place to anyone.
Posted By: Elmer R.
Hondura of OKC is the best in the area. I will keep coming back because they do great work and are always friendly. Great service every time!
Posted By: Chloe E.
They are always fair and honest which are two of the most important things when going in to have something done to your car.
Posted By: Patricia A.
Excellent customer care and fair pricing!
Posted By: Syrak W.
Everybody was very helpful, professional and informative.
Posted By: Jennifer L.
Evan evaluated it and I really needed to get the oil pan gasket changed before, and seeing that I did not, did not pressure me to do any work which I did not need. Thank you!
Posted By: Jason H.
Been coming here for ages. Wonderful service and prices
Posted By: Bobby S.
Always great service.
Posted By: Bruce W.
Always friendly, reliable service. I can always tell that the work done is done right and at a fair price. I would not trust my car to anyone else.
Posted By: C. L.
Just wanted to send a note to thank yhou for your recent attention to my wife's Acura. We bought this used car a year ago and it has run flawlessly, until last week. It was hard to start one day and since it was convenient, I suggested my wife swing by a national auto service chain and have the codes checked.
Noting the mileage and reading the codes, they recommended a complete tune up with new plugs, coils, EGR valve etc. with a parts and labor estimate of over $1,000. I had heard of Johan's Hondura for years and so I gave you a call to ask for a second opinion. In the first place your cost estimate for the same items recommended by the national chain, were lower. But in the second place your service manager recommended a step by step approach where you addressed one problem at a time and evaluated results, rather than aggressively replacing everything at once.

That approach was much more logical to me and so on that basis, I left the vehicle with you. Your technicians made their own diagnosis and came up with an entirely different conclusion. They told me in fact that the car already had fresh spark plugs and they suggested that the codes could all be triggered by the need for a routine valve adjustment. They performed the diagnostic and adjustment for a total of $260 and it again runs flawlessly. Ironically, I could have spent $1,000+ with the national chain and still not addressed the real problem. Needless to say, you guys have earned a new customer and I will be happy to recommend Johan's Hondura to my friends. Thanks and may God continue to bless your integrity in business.
Posted By: Bill H.
Dear Johan and crew,

Thanks for all the great auto service on my 1991 CRX HF (625,000 miles and still going / One million kilometers!) I could not have made it without you guys! Keep up the great work and I will see you down the road Beep Beep!

I will never need GPS to find the great service at Johan's Hondura. Thanks again for 30 years of fair and honest customer service! Happy Honda trails.
Posted By: Richard K.
We brought our Honda Odyssey to you this week when the A/C went out. You and your staff did a terrific job! Thank you for honoring our quote, for quality service, and for keeping us cool in the summer! We will be bringing our Honda to you from now on!
Posted By: Sara T.
To All,

I just want to thank you for taking such wonderful care of my car. It drives like it did in the past! It is so nice to "have my car back." I appreciate your friendly, efficient, and helpful service! Thanks again so very much!
Posted By: Shirley D., MD
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