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Winter Storm Driving Safety Tips

Driving during a winter storm is a situation that most of us may try to avoid. However, if you are already on your way and a winter storm hits and you have no choice but to drive through it, the following winter storm driving safety tips can come in handy. If you have some flexibility […]

12 Tips to Help You Extend the Life of Your Car’s AC System

Table of Contents Car AC services are an absolute necessity especially during the summer months. It’s important to stay on top of preventative maintenance with this part of your vehicle, because the last thing you want to have happen is for your AC go out on you in the middle of the hot summer season. […]

Is your Auto Mechanic Overcharging You? 8 Ways to Avoid Getting Overcharged

It’s no secret that auto mechanics can be a bit of a racket. Many of them know that customers are often uninformed about car repairs, and take advantage of this fact. If you’re not careful, you could easily wind up overpaying for simple services or repairs. In this blog, we will discuss seven ways to […]

Acura TL Transmission Service & Repair

Meet Richard, he came in for a transmission service and replacement of his master cylinder. Thank You, Richard for trusting us with your Acura TL. Categories:Automotive Tags:Best Mechanic Oklahoma City OK , Mechanic Oklahoma City OK , Auto repair OKC

How Often Should I Have My Vehicle Inspected?

As a vehicle owner, you may wonder – how often should I have my vehicle inspected? While some people may be reluctant because of the fear that the mechanic will find something expensive to fix, the truth is that regular inspections are the key to saving you money in the grand scheme of things. When […]


Priebe's garage okc

The steering wheel is one of your vehicle’s most vital aspects because it controls the direction it goes in. It’s the component of a car a driver makes contact with the most. If you notice something unusual with your vehicle, you’ll likely notice even if the changes are subtle. Some drivers may choose to ignore […]

Helpful Tips To Maintain Your Car Oil

A routine oil change is one essential maintenance task that can keep your vehicle running in tip-top shape. The engine is complex and consists of many hot moving parts. The oil acts as an engine lubricant to ensure its critical components move smoothly. As you drive, the motor oil burns off. And if you wait […]

Signs Your Car Is Due For A Wheel Alignment

Your vehicle is capable of communicating with you, especially if there’s something wrong. Tire alignment is a crucial aspect for optimal vehicle performance but is often forgotten about by drivers. Bad tire alignment can have severe consequences such as premature tire wear and a decrease in fuel efficiency. The alignment of your vehicle’s wheels can […]

Can you Drive with Faulty Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs may look like a small component, but they are parts that have a huge job in your vehicle. The spark plugs create the spark needed to ignite the combustion process to get your engine running. Driving with bad spark plugs can cause issues when starting your vehicle and also decrease overall performance. Let’s […]

Best Mechanic In Oklahoma City for Honda And Toyota Enthusiasts

Mechanic near me

Japanese cars have become popular among Americans due to their high performance and quality. To maintain the condition of these high-quality vehicles, you need the best mechanic in Oklahoma City, OK. The Honda Accord, Toyota Highlander, Toyota Tacoma, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Honda CRV, Toyota Camry, and Toyota RAV4 are among the top 25 best […]