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We know you value your vehicle and care about the repairs done to it. We love to answer your questions. And, we care about showing you the type of work that can be done on your automobile. In this blog, we'll show you case studies about repair jobs we've done, we'll give you tips, road safety tips, and Rave Reviews of our customers. Enjoy!

Monthly Archives: January 2019

How to Drive For Free

How to Drive For Free

Okay. So that title is a bit misleading. You can't drive 100% for free but you can certainly drive inexpensively without compromising on quality or style! Let me tell you how. Many of us make the mistake of believing we have to drive our cars off the dealership lot with zero miles and a dealership warranty that'll cover the best years of our cars life but that simply isn't the case.  In reality, a used car, like an existing house, hasn't necessarily suffered from previous use. In many cases, the car, like the house has benefited by previous ownership in the form of upgrades, add-ons, as well as inherent issues having already been addressed and repaired! The key to buying used is making sure you're not only getting a good deal but also making sure your potential car checks out mechanically. Did you know Johan's Hondura offers Pre-Purchase Checks to help ensure you're buying well?  As a ... read more


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