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We know you value your vehicle and care about the repairs done to it. We love to answer your questions. And, we care about showing you the type of work that can be done on your automobile. In this blog, we'll show you case studies about repair jobs we've done, we'll give you tips, road safety tips, and Rave Reviews of our customers. Enjoy!

WWJD: What Would Johan Do?

If you follow us much, you'll know that this is a question we ask ourselves a lot. What WOULD Johan do?

1. "He'd be fair and honest."

The first answer is the hallmark of WWJohanDo. Johan hasn't managed to serve this community for as long as he has without earning a reputation for integrity. What does that look like? Well, Johan's Hondura is where the con stops. We are all experts in one thing or another but we are not all car experts and we'd like to think we can trust the service providers we choose. Sadly, you can't always trust repair departments trying to generate more business by cooking up unnecessary work. Johan is a man of principal and deep integrity so his shop runs on the same desire to do good for those who place their cars in our care.

2. "Check everything. Check it regularly and do only what is needed."

All of us want value for our money. We all want the best experiences with the best outcomes with the least loss. Johan helps you achieve that with your vehicle maintenance by recommending thorough checks on a scheduled basis. Like your annual physical, car maintenance does best when it's not a surprise. Catching problems early can often help save money and certainly the stress and hassle of finding out something is broken at the wrong place or wrong time. Johan believes that if you can trust your technician to be honest, then having your car checked regularly and often will ease so much of the anxiety of car ownership and upkeep.

3. "Do the work well. Do it once and do it at the best price."

You know another thing Johan would do? He'd shop around for the best deal! He believes you would too so at Johan's Hondura we are already aiming to provide the best price around for your vehicle maintenance.

Being a smaller, specialized shop, we are available to discuss repairs and costs with you before the work is done and we are able to customize the work based on your needs and ability.

4. "Provide honest, full-service advice."

If Johan is anything, he's a teacher. He loves nothing more than learning, reading and passing on what he knows to others. Johan is the kind of person who would prefer you ask and have the information you need to make a fully informed decision even when that comes to purchasing a new or used car. He knows that honesty, cost effectiveness and quality will bring you back when your car is ready for maintenance or in need of repair.

5. "Put God first and everything else will fall into place"

Johan is a believer and all who know him, know that. Johan feels that if he is serving a purpose higher than himself, he will attempt to do right by others and that all sorts of blessings will naturally follow. He's also learned through tough times that putting the right things first will lead you where you need to go when the way is dark. Maybe it's just your car and you've found us--your problems are now fixable. But when you face bigger problems, Johan would give you this same advice as he's done all of us here at Johan's Hondura when it's been needed. Life isn't always a newly paved highway and sometimes finding out your car needs work can be upsetting. Know that Johan and his staff are always aspiring to do their best work because at the end of the day, it's not just about a business making money--it's about fulfilling a purpose, doing it for higher reasons and serving this community.


What would Johan do? He would nap. He would pray and he would follow these tenets of WWJD.


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