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Our Bumper to Bumper Automobile Inspection

Bumper to Bumper Auto Inspection is One of Our Most Popular Services

Over the years, this has become one of our most popular services. People would come in for a maintenance check but for various reasons, would want to know the status of their vehicle. It helped give them peace of mind and know what to take care of with their vehicle - and when to take care of it.

Why Is a Bumper to Bumper Service Good to Do?

Perhaps you're going on a trip - or your kid is going to college. With this inspection, you'll know what needs fixing and get it taken care of so you have peace of mind regarding the vehicle. Maybe you've been hearing a little sound that's not been there before and you want to know what it is. Or, perhaps the manual says it's time to replace your brakes, but you do not drive that much. With this inspection, we may find that your brakes are about to go - or that you have some miles left on them! Or, perhaps you're hearing a clicking but don't know what it is - and we find out it's your CV joint. Because we've checked it, we know what to do before a more expensive problem occurs. Or, perhaps you're about to purchase a used vehicle and need to know the status of it. Whatever your reasons or concerns are, a Bumper to Bumper Inspection gives you those answers. This is a wonderful service for people.

What is a Bumper to Bumper Vehicle Inspection?

Vehicle Inspection | Hondura

In a Bumper to Bumper Inspection, we check many things in the operating system of your car. You do not have to repair everything at once - but it's good to know the schedule. It lets you know what you need to do today and what you need to do in the months ahead. We'll even itemize it for you.

A bumper to bumper inspection includes many things in-between your bumpers. We inspect your engine, fluids, coolant, steering, transmission, suspension, brakes, tires, wipers, horn, and lights. We really encourage people to have their transmissions and engine checked, as these are so potentially costly to repair.

A bumper to bumper inspection is a good thing to do for your vehicle as it will save you time, money, and potential grief. If you have the system taken care of before it becomes a problem, it is much cheaper and takes less time to fix.


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