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Helpful Tips To Maintain Your Car Oil

A routine oil change is one essential maintenance task that can keep your vehicle running in tip-top shape. The engine is complex and consists of many hot moving parts. The oil acts as an engine lubricant to ensure its critical components move smoothly. As you drive, the motor oil burns off. And if you wait too long between oil changes, the burnt oil can leave a thick, gritty sludge behind. Dirty oil limits friction within the engine, drastically limiting its efficiency. Regularly checking your oil can prevent engine damage by helping you determine if the oil is low or needs to be changed. Below are recommended steps for checking the oil:

1. Pop the hood

The oil dipstick handle is usually yellow and typically has an oil can image identifying its location.

2. Remove the dipstick and wipe it off. Then reinsert it.

3. Examine the dipstick – the dipstick has markers that will show the oil levels. It will indicate whether the oil amount is sufficient or more needs to be added.

4. Inspect the quality of the oil – Is the oil light or dark? What is the consistency? If the oil is thicker than usual or milky, it’s best to have it inspected by an expert.

Your oil should be changed every 3,000 to 7,000 depending on the type of oil used. If it’s time for an oil change, review the owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation on the most optimal performance. You can also reach out to our automotive technicians for advice on the best oil for your engine and commuting needs. Consistent oil changes not only promote longevity but prevents damage and costly repair bills. At Hondura, oil changes are also the perfect time to have other essential tasks like tire maintenance, fluid top-offs, and bumper to bumper inspections.

For oil changes and factory recommended services in Oklahoma City, OK, count on Hondura for top automotive service.