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How Often Should I Replace My Windshield Wipers?

Your vehicle’s windshield wipers are a key component when it comes to visibility. Without working wipers, you may not be able to see the road clearly in events such as rain or if you get to your car to find that the windshield is dirty. We’ve seen it happen many times before – a driver hasn’t replaced their wipers in years, and when a rainstorm hits, they find themselves having to pull over because they can’t see. We never want you to be in this situation, because it can be extremely dangerous.

The question is, how long do windshield wipers last exactly and when should they be replaced? In warmer climates, it is typically recommended to replace your wipers every 6 months or every year. It depends on if your car is always parked out in the sun and how dry the weather is. If you’re always under the sun in dry heat, you’ll find that you need to replace your windshield wipers often. This is because the rubber becomes dry and begins to fray.

If it has been 6 months or more since your last windshield wiper replacement, inspect and test out your wipers to determine their condition. Some signs that your windshield wipers need to be replaced are:

  • You notice streaking while your wipers are on, meaning that the entire surface of the wiper isn’t clearing
  • The wiper is skipping or splitting on your windshield, leaving lines
  • The wipers squeak loudly when on
  • The rubber on the blades is splitting or separating
  • The edges of the blades are fraying or folding over

As soon as you notice any of the symptoms listed above while engaging your windshield wiper blades, don’t hesitate to get them replaced before you’re stuck in the rain with faulty wipers. Windshield wiper replacement is a very inexpensive service and can be completed quickly.

A good way to keep track of your wipers is to replace them every fall and spring. This is typically the best times of year to replace your wipers and will ensure that you are ready for any weather condition. If you find that you’re due for a windshield wiper replacement, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Hondura today!