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4 Easy Car Maintenance Tips that You Need to Know – Lexus Repair OKC

Lexus Repair OKC

Keep your Lexus in top shape for maximum reliability and resale value.

Most dealers and mechanics in Oklahoma City will tell you to strictly follow your 5,000-mile / 6-month schedule at the repair shop. Our Lexus technicians at Hondura, Inc. agree with this, but we advise a more proactive approach to taking care of your car.

Give close attention to the performance of your Lexus and the sounds it produces. If you notice performance dips or anything weird, we recommend that you visit our repair shop at OKC as soon as possible. That is the best way to avoid major, unplanned repairs that often come with steep costs.

What Mechanics Have to Say about Lexus Repair OKC

At Hondura auto shop in Oklahoma City, we have licensed master technicians who can diagnose vehicle problems using the right tools and years of experience. However, we understand that you cannot drive to a repair shop every day, and it shouldn’t be like that.

That is why we are sharing with you four ways to make sure your Lexus is running smoothly. Similarly, these are simple DIY diagnostics for potential automotive issues that we can solve repair before they worsen.

Easy Lexus Maintenance Tips from Hondura, Inc. Oklahoma City

Here are four doable and effective ways to take care of your Lexus vehicle:

1. Check your engine oil.

The engine oil is essential for lubricating automotive parts, but checking its tank is often neglected by many car owners. Lack of lubrication can result in overheating, increased friction, engine wear and tear, and hasty trips to Lexus repair shops in Oklahoma.

Check your oil at least once a month. Dark amber oil can still work, but it needs to be changed if you cannot see the dipstick through it anymore. Bring your Lexus to our shop for thorough inspection or repair ASAP if you find metal shavings mixed with the oil.

2. Be mindful of the tires’ condition.

The minimum tire pressure recommended for most Lexus vehicles is 34 psi, but it may vary depending on the model. Check the pressure often to ensure that it is optimal for driving along Oklahoma highways

At least once a month, you should also check for signs of damage like cracking and uneven wear on the tires. If you notice rapid wear and tear on the tires and vibrations while driving your Lexus, you probably have wheel balance issues. Immediately bring it to our auto shop in Oklahoma City for a balancing and realignment service.

3. Check the status of essential car fluids.

The role of fluids in your Lexus may seem minuscule but, trust us, they are essential for all critical functions under the hood. You can quickly check the levels of the antifreeze, power steering, transmission, and brake fluids. If your auto is low on brake fluid, for example, it can affect the brakes’ responsiveness and the ability to stop your car safely.

4. Drive more gently.

Your Lexus is a powerful luxury car, but it’s best not to treat it like a race car just to see what it can do. Do not slam on the brakes and have a complete stop before reversing. You should also avoid towing a trailer or carrying heavy loads because these may overwork the engine.

Pay more attention when driving on Oklahoma roads to avoid potholes. Lastly, let your Lexus warm up before driving during the cold months.

Lexus Repair OKC

If your Lexus has problems or the time has come for its routine maintenance, our master technicians are waiting for you at our shop in Oklahoma City. We have 43 years of experience in providing dependable auto maintenance and repair services, and getting your Lexus back on the road safely and quickly is our business. Schedule an appointment with us or call (405) 235-1079.

You can also visit our auto repair shop at 520 N Villa, Oklahoma City, OK 73107.

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