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No One Is Immune To Trouble On The Road

This seems like an unnecessary advertising strategy. ?

We can all laugh AFTER we have vehicle related travel troubles but during? It’s a nightmare even Johan isn’t immune to! This small luggage trailer bottomed out in the hills of Tennessee puncturing the left tire and causing the tire to drag, smoke and wear away with half the trip still left to go!

Thanks to Johann and Hondura, the Toyota Highlander pulling it was running perfectly and was able to pick up the load the trailer had to leave behind. Some amazing techs at a local tire shop who stayed late to help put new tires on the trailer wheels, all travelers were able to get back on the road and reach their destination safely although a bit later than planned.

Mrs. Johann

Somehow Mrs. Johann found the crazy situation of repairing a trailer tire on a steep highway embankement amusing! Apparently laughter IS the best medicine AND mechanic!

Bring your vehicles by the shop prior to your journeys and allow us to do a full trip check. If you find yourself our way and in need of help, give Hondura a call. We’ve got it. We’ve been there!

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