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We know you value your vehicle and care about the repairs done to it. We love to answer your questions. And, we care about showing you the type of work that can be done on your automobile. In this blog, we'll show you case studies about repair jobs we've done, we'll give you tips, road safety tips, and Rave Reviews of our customers. Enjoy!
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My first Honda

The first car I ever owned was a 1982 Honda Accord in a rusty brown color that I appropriately named, "Rusty."  This was in 1995 so Rusty wasn't exactly the sparkling, awe inspiring car that many of my high school mates where given. In fact, I bought Rusty directly from Johan (who just so happens to be my father). My dad let me drive it around after I got my driver's license in an effort to ease my poor mother's chauffeuring duty. I got my first job and began saving my money. It took me less than 6 months to save up the $900 it took to purchase Rusty from my father outright. I still remember going to the bank for that cashier's check and the sense of pride I felt knowing that my old-rust-bucket was now fully mine!

Being Johan's child, there really was never a debate over what kind of car I would start out with. Hondas, Toyotas, Lexuses and Acuras were all over the place growing up so that's all I knew. I did eventually dabble in other makes but I won't lie, I ended up right back where I started--I now drive a much newer Acura MDX. 

I learned a lot about car maintenance with old Rusty. I had a blow out on my way to school one day, so I had to put into practical use what it took to actually change a tire. I had to check my oil the right way and make sure I brought it to the shop for regular checks. It taught me about caring for things in general and working for Rusty, however old and unglamorous it was, taught me to value what I had in a way I saw a lot of peers fail to do. It's a hard lesson to learn and I'm grateful Rusty helped me learn it early on.

I upgraded and customized my car and rocked out to Sheryl Crow for about two years (I told you it was 1995) in that car until one day, Rusty probably saved my life or least saved me from serious injury. On my way to the airport, driving straight south on Oklahoma City's Meridian Avenue, a huge semi-truck made a sudden right-hand turn from his left-hand turn lane placing in himself directly in my 40-mph path. I had little time to react and slowed and turned only a little before my small car t-boned that giant vehicle.  I don't remember the first few minutes after it happened.  I knew my neck burned from where my seatbelt had caught me and yanked me back safely into my seat.  I recall the smoke billowing out of my car's newly crumpled hood and how it frightened me enough to jump out of the car as fast as I could, having seen way too many action movies. Lastly, I remember stumbling toward the truck driver who was panicked and apologetic.

Rusty passed on that day as the car's age and damage made it unrepairable. I was able to buy another vehicle with insurance money and a little more savings but nothing lived up to Rusty's sturdy reliability until I became a Honda owner once again in college. I have been ever since. Knowing these cars are trustworthy in terms of value for money and in terms of the safety of my family means a lot to me. I became a Honda, Toyota, Acura, Lexus owner because of who my father is but I stayed one because their value is something I've witnessed all on my own.

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Hondura Car Repair

Shop Kittens at Johan's Hondura

Hondura has shop kittens!

Dropping your vehicle off at Johan's Hondura has never been cuter? 

You probably know Johan's Hondura as the go-to repair shop for honest service and competitive prices but did you know Johan's and his techs also have a soft spot for animal life?

The mother of these little furballs made a home for herself on property and promptly gave birth to kittens! The techs make sure they have a warm place to sleep and food to help them grow up nice and strong. Their momma even trusts her babysitters with her babies as you can see as Evan, cradles one of them in his arms. 

Bet you didn't know we had such a soft side! Come down with your Honda, Toyota, Lexus or Acura, let us get you trip ready for the upcoming holidays while you visit these newest members of the staff! You'll be able to check off "trip readiness" and "cuddles" off your to-do list

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Don't Let This Happen To You!

Have us do regular maintenance for your Honda, Lexus, Toyota, and/or Acura! Don't get caught unawares by the bumpy highway of life!
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Hondura Car Repair

What 30 Years Looks Like

Think about it. What in life, lasts thirty years? Hopefully, a good marriage? Maybe an especially steady career? If nothing else, your home mortgage will give you a good run of 30 years! When it comes to local businesses that serve one community for that many years, thirty years says a lot. Johan's Hondura has been servicing cars in the Oklahoma Ci...
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Hondura Car Repair

Customer Appreciation

We appreciate you, our Hondura of Oklahoma customers. We thank you so much for trusting us to repair and keep in top condition your Honda, Lexus, Toyota, and Acura vehicles! We consider it a privilege to take care of your vehicles.  Make sure you ask us about our specials!
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Hondura Car Repair

Why A Pre-Purchase Check?

This is the very best of it'd kind of deal in Oklahoma! Bring us the used car you wish to buy and we will inspect it before you buy it. Now, you'll know what needs to be done BEFORE you purchase it!
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Hondura Car Repair

WWJD: What Would Johan Do?

His standards are high. He is committed to integrity and honesty. We treat every car as if it were our own. Our excellent reputation has been earned from over 36 years of hard work, honesty and personal integrity. All of our staff have been with us for a long time: from 6 years, right up to 31 years.
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WWJD or as we say around here, WHAT WOULD JOHAN DO?

His standards are high.  He is committed to integrity and honesty. We treat every car as if it were our own.

Our excellent reputation has been earned from over 36 years of hard work, honesty and personal integrity.  All of our staff have been with us for a long time: from 6 years, right up to 31 years.



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