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Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspections
in Oklahoma City, OK

At Hondura in Oklahoma City, OK, we offer comprehensive pre-purchase vehicle inspections to give you peace of mind when it comes to buying a pre-owned vehicle. The master mechanics at our shop inspect the car before you buy a good used car. The pre-purchase inspection will occur before you commit to purchasing the vehicle, which will allow you to understand the condition of the vehicle and the future financial burden that it may bring.

The reason for a pre-purchase inspection is to protect you from being lied to when it comes to vehicle you are considering purchasing. An inspection of the vehicle at our shop will consist of a bumper to bumper look at the car to pinpoint any underlying issues and inform you of how well the vehicle was taken care of in terms of maintenance. We then advise you on any repairs or services that we feel will be needed in the near future, which will give you a better idea of the car’s value.

If you decide that the car is not for you based on the information we have provided you with, we will inspect another car for you within 10 business days at no charge. Many times, a customer takes the information we have found in our inspection of a good car and have been able to negotiate a discount for the repairs the car does need. Most used cars are not going to be in perfect condition, but at least you know what type of expenses you are looking at.

Pre-Purchase Inspection in Oklahoma City, OK

Hondura is your trusted suspension repair provider that delivers fair service and pricing. If you are having issues with your car’s suspensions you should nip the problem in the bud to avoid costly repairs.

When you need Oklahoma City suspension repair, call us today at (405) 235-1079, or send us a message on our website. Stop by our shop today, our suspension service specialists are standing by to serve you!


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