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Seasonal Car Checks in Oklahoma City, OK

A seasonal check is a great way to prepare your vehicle for the season or to prepare yourself for a road trip. Different weather conditions can have a number of effects on our vehicles, so having a seasonal check completed will ensure that your vehicle can handle any weather conditions. Here at Hondura in Oklahoma City, OK, our master mechanics are here to help make sure that your vehicle is in top condition each season.

At our Oklahoma City repair shop, our seasonal inspections are smaller checks which we do to make sure the car is ready for you to hit the road to go see grandma or to travel with the family for a seasonal vacation. Especially if you are planning a trip during the winter time, we want to be sure that your car is ready to hit the road and will be able to handle driving on colder days.

Our season checks will inspect all of the major components just to ensure that they are working properly. We inspect your engine, fluids, coolant, steering, transmission, suspension, brakes, tires, wipers, horn, and lights. If we find that we feel something needs to be taken care of, we will inform you of the service and why we think it may be necessary before driving in a certain weather condition or hitting the road for an extended period of time.

Before the summer heat, we usually recommend having a check done at our shop to verify that your vehicle is ready for the hot weather. Typically we find that fluids tend to evaporate faster during the warm days so topping off or flushing fluids is vital. The battery should also be checked for charge since batteries can typically die faster in the heat.

Winter can bring rainy and harshly cold weather, so we recommend an inspection before the intense conditions hit. Your vehicle’s windshield wipers are extremely important for this season and can typically become frayed and dry after a warm summer. Other important components to inspect during the winter include tires, brakes, heating system, and more.

Seasonal Car Checks in Oklahoma City, OK

Hondura is your trusted suspension repair provider that delivers fair service and pricing. If you are having issues with your car’s suspensions you should nip the problem in the bud to avoid costly repairs.

When you need Oklahoma City suspension repair, call us today at (405) 235-1079, or send us a message on our website. Stop by our shop today, our suspension service specialists are standing by to serve you!


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