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Signs Your Car Is Due For A Wheel Alignment

Your vehicle is capable of communicating with you, especially if there’s something wrong. Tire alignment is a crucial aspect for optimal vehicle performance but is often forgotten about by drivers. Bad tire alignment can have severe consequences such as premature tire wear and a decrease in fuel efficiency. The alignment of your vehicle’s wheels can have a massive impact on your driving experience. Below a few common signs that your car is due for a wheel alignment:

The tread of your tires is unevenly worn.

With every mile you drive, your vehicle will naturally lose rubber and tread. If your car is properly aligned, you’ll notice that tire wear is evenly distributed across the entire tire. With just a short amount of time, a misaligned vehicle can display noticeable differences in tread wear.

You’re cruising down the street, driving on a straight and level road, but your vehicle is pulling to one side. If your tires are misaligned, your vehicle will be trying to move in two different directions. It’s similar to your feet trying to walk in different directions. If you’re on a straight, level road, your vehicle should continue to drive primarily straight with your hands off of the steering wheel. Your car pulling to one side may indicate it’s time to have the alignment inspected and corrected.

The steering wheel is starting to vibrate.

A vibrating steering wheel can indicate that your tires are unbalanced, but they can also signal that an alignment is needed as well. The more your vehicle is misaligned, the worse the vibrating will be. It’s always a good idea to have this issue identified and repaired immediately before more significant problems arise.

The steering wheel appears crooked.

If you’re driving and notice that you keep overcompensating for your steering wheel by over-steering, a wheel alignment may be needed. The steering wheel shouldn’t need to be adjusted too much during straight, smooth drives.

Any issues with your vehicle that causes it to be challenging to steer should be addressed immediately. Alignment problems can be dangerous for you, and it can also lead to costly damages to your vehicle. If you are in need of an alignment service in Oklahoma City, don’t hesitate to reach out to Hondura. We offer our customers a wide range of automotive services and repairs for all vehicle makes and models. If you’re noticing any of these alignment signs, give us a call! For savings on future automotive maintenance, check out our specials page.

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