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What Can Cause A Decrease In Fuel Efficiency?

Have you noticed that your vehicle doesn’t get the same mileage as it used to? If so, your vehicle is running with a decreased fuel efficiency. When your car is running at its best, it will give you the best fuel economy that it can. However, certain maintenance or service needs can damper your vehicle’s efficiency and end up costing you more money on gas.

The following issues can cause your vehicle’s fuel economy to decrease:

  • A dirty or clogged air filter
  • Worn spark plugs
  • Low tire pressure
  • Too much junk in your vehicle’s trunk
  • Poor engine maintenance leading to overall lowered performance and efficiency

Any of the problems listed above can cause your vehicle to use up more gas than it should. The best way to maintain your vehicle’s efficiency is by staying on top of your vehicle’s recommended maintenance and services. The experts here at Hondura can help you keep track of vital services and send you reminders of when they are due so that your vehicle runs at its best.