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Why Is My Brake Pedal Vibrating?

A shaky or vibrating brake pedal can definitely be a cause for concern. No one wants to experience issues with their brakes, a finding that your brake pedal is heavily shaking under your foot can leave you wondering if there is a bigger issue brewing. While all brake problems, it is always important to have your vehicle inspected as soon as possible to avoid brake failure on the road. However, lets look at some of the reasons why your brake pedal may be vibrating or shaking when you press on it.

  • The problem could be with the brake drums or rotors, because both can become warped over time. They are both exposed to lots of heat within the brake system, so warping over time is very common. This warping will create a wobbling effect when you initiate your brakes, causing the vibrating sensation.
  • Worn down brake pads is another common cause because the contact can be inconsistent with the brake pad, causing a wobbling effect.
  • If your vehicle’s wheel bearings or lug nuts are loose, this can also cause issues while braking. Wobbling wheels will give you the sensation of a vibrating or shaky brake pedal.
  • Bad wheel alignment can also cause issues when it comes to braking.

As soon as you suspect an issue with your vehicle’s brakes, whether you notice that they are shaky or any other symptom, don’t wait. Get your vehicle into the experts here at Hondura as soon as possible to avoid having to deal with brake system failure on the road. Our experts will determine the exact cause of your brake issues with a thorough inspection and get you back on the road safely.