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Why You Need A Cabin Air Filter Replacement

The cabin air filter in your vehicle plays a very important role when it comes to keeping the air in your vehicle safe and clean. Humid climates such as in Oklahoma City, OK, can cause a ton of moisture in the air to run through your vehicle’s cabin air filter. Moisture present in the cabin air filter can cause an increase in contaminants and mold to accumulate.

The air outside of your vehicle while driving on packed roads and freeways contains many air contaminants, such as dust, diesel soot, pollen, and smog. The cabin air filter is responsible for filtering the dirty air as it enters your vehicle’s air conditioning and heating system. Once the cabin air filter becomes saturated with debris, it prevents fresh air from getting into the vehicle, and can be a cause for concern for you and your passenger’s health. When dirty air gets into your vehicle, it remains extremely concentrated.

This is why it is so important to have your vehicle’s cabin air filter checked regularly, especially in our humid climate. People are often extremely surprised to see how dirty their cabin filter is and how dirty the air is that they are breathing in every day. Although all vehicle manufacturers have a recommended interval for changing the cabin air filter, certain humid climates such as ours generally require the cabin air filter to be changed more frequently. During each visit to our shop, we will be sure to check your cabin air filter and make sure that it is still clean and safe.

If you are unsure if your cabin air filter needs to be changed, there are a few different symptoms to look out for that may indicate a change is needed. You may notice a dirty or musty smell in your vehicle. You may also notice that your allergies are acting up during car rides or you may experience some respiratory problems in the car. Another symptom is reduced air flow through the air conditioning or heating symptoms. Any of these signs can indicate that it may be time to change your vehicle’s cabin air filter.

When you need cabin air filter replacement in Oklahoma City, OK, bring your vehicle into the professionals here at Hondura. We look forward to servicing your vehicle soon!